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Suffering from migraines is a serious condition for many sufferers of this ailment as there is no one single migraine trigger and triggers are not the same for everybody. However, a commonly identified migraine trigger is a change in the weather and according to a new study.

Research published in the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, explains how researchers have found that a significant drop in temperature can be a cause. “People who experience migraines] are more likely to report sensitivity to cold weather compared to people without migraine,” states Dr Sara Crystal, a neurologist headache specialist. “It’s probably related to dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which affects the blood vessels in the brain and throughout the body.”

While just cold weather can be a possible trigger for many, other weather-related triggers may include:

  • Extreme temperatures: heat as well as cold
  • Bright lights, sunlight or glare
  • Locations with high humidity
  • Being exposed to dry air or temperature
  • Stormy or very windy weather
  • Changes in the weather, such as barometric pressure


Everyday Steps to Managing Weather-Induced PainMigraines

Advice includes keeping a diary which tracks migraines / weather-related pain that helps to determine specific weather triggers. Also making healthy lifestyle choices such as adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine, getting enough sleep and minimizing stress, can help sufferers reduce the number and severity of their migraines.

Taking prescribed migraine medication at the first sign of a migraine is important but another option for treatment is BOTOX for Weather-related Pain/Migraine relief.

Problematic NHS

In order to diagnose chronic migraine in the NHS, the patient will be referred to a headache clinic and a detailed medical history taken. A patient must suffer a headache on 15 or more days of a month for a period of more than three months and which, on at least eight days a month, has the hallmarks of a migraine headache. The headaches must not have responded to three prior preventative medication therapies.

Unfortunately, NHS migraine clinics typically have waiting lists of over a year, leading many sufferers to search for a Qualified Medical Practitioner that offers private treatment for the relief of migraines using Botox treatments.


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