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Botox® / Juvederm® / Liquid Facelift / Lips Specialist – Birmingham, Nuneaton, Warwick, Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Botox® / Juvederm® / Liquid Facelift / Lips Specialist


Youth and Beauty are timeless and this comes from a combination of self-belief and our own confidence in how we look. In this day and age when we have the ability to reverse external signs of ageing and improve our appearance.

Dr Tariq Sumrein is a mobile advanced cosmetic surgeon specialising in wrinkle reduction treatment and fillers in addition to an A&E doctor with a wide experience in face injuries and wounds.We are committed to providing excellence in results and medical care. After most of our procedures, we provide a follow-up appointment (usually between two weeks) to ensure the best outcome of your treatment.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation with our advanced facial rejuvenation and aesthetic and cosmetic surgeon.

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