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Thin lips can be a concern that many of us would like to address. This can be caused due to heredity or loss of lip volume. The good news is that this problem can easily be correct with lip fillers. They are safe, easy to apply and you will see results right away.




Results right after treatment – Actual Patient Photos


Lip Plumping / Lip Filler Enhancement, Definition and Volume Birmingham

With age or due to heredity the fat pads in our lips start to drop down which causes a thinning of the lips area and the appearance of diminished lip size. Lip treatments can be used to augment both the border and body of the lip to provide a more defined look and if wanted more volume.

By using Dermal fillers, the missing volume can restore on the upper and lower lips creating a youthful and luscious smile.


lip plumping before after

Results right after treatment  – Actual Patient Photos

lip plumping before after

Results right after treatment  – Actual Patient Photos

lip plumping before after

Results right after treatment  – Actual Patient Photos


LIP FILLERS BIRMINGHAM: Rejuvenate, Reshape and Replenish your Lips with JUVÉDERM®  


What is JUVÉDERM®?
What can JUVÉDERM® do for your lips?
How long does it take to see the benefits of this treatment?
How long does JUVÉDERM® last for?
How is JUVÉDERM® applied?
When is JUVÉDERM® not recommended?
Why get JUVÉDERM® or Dermal Fillers (Aesthetic Medicine)?
Are the JUVÉDERM® injections painful?
How long does it take to see the benefit?
What are the most common side effects?
How long do the JUVÉDERM® effects last and what happens it after this?
Who can use JUVÉDERM®?
Does JUVÉDERM® have any contraindications?


LIP FILLERS BIRMINGHAM: Lip Filler Treatment Costs (Starting Prices, per syringe)



Lip Filler Shaping / Lip Filler Enhancement
Lip Filler Volumising / Lip Plumping
Cheek Shaping / Cheek Volumising




LIP FILLERS BIRMINGHAM: Post Treatment Recommendations

In order to assure that your treatment is successful and you get all of its benefits, please follow these recommendations:


  • Avoid high-intensity exercise immediately
  • Avoid touching/rubbing areas injected
  • Avoid heavy alcohol consumption on the same day
  • Avoid hot environments on the same day (Sauna/Steam rooms/Hot bath)
  • Full effect will be at around 1 week
  • Duration of action 6-18 months (Depending on product)


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